Afternoon Spent Watercoloring the Fort Worth Flatiron

Fort Worth Flatiron Afternoon

It’s getting embarrassing for me to post the same painting day after day, when it seems to change so little.  However, there are quite a few more hours poured into this one since  I last posted.  Late nights in the garage studio often leave me too sleepy to post and write.  I do regret that hours and hours of focused work on this painting are producing a composition that doesn’t appear to change much to viewers, but I am aware of the changes, and for the most part, am happy with what is happening (though I wish it were faster!).

I’m waiting for my student.  We have an afternoon session scheduled, so I decided not to go home after school, taking advantage of an empty classroom to focus on this piece.  I must say that I am drawing considerable impetus from listening to the DVD “Shine a Light,” featuring the Rolling Stones at the Beacon Theater.  What a fabulous production by Martin Scorsese!

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “Afternoon Spent Watercoloring the Fort Worth Flatiron”

  1. Shelley Says:

    I can see quite a bit of progress.


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