Fort Worth Flatiron Watercolor, Still Under Construction

1906 Flatiron in Fort Worth, Texas

I laid this watercolor aside a few days ago, allowing it some time to “compost.”  I start getting uptight and anxious when I get this deep into a composition and start wondering about how to finish.  I have lost a good many paintings to over-work, because I could not learn to let them go while still fresh.  Nothing to me is worse than the experience of siphoning off the energy of a composition by working it to death, long after it looked “finished” and exciting.

Since my last post, I have worked and re-worked the foreground pavement, and continued re-drawing and correcting problems in the portals and lower windows.  The park at the right has gotten plenty of attention as well.  I still have plenty of sculptures and embellishments to render on the building facade, and will either pursue those next, or decide to begin a large composition of the historic Ridglea Theater on Camp Bowie Blvd. in west Fort Worth.  I spent the afternoon yesterday photographing the site, and have already begun two sketches of it today, one in pencil and the other in quick watercolor.

My plan is to complete a series of Fort Worth city landmarks on large pages such as this one (22 x 28″).  Hopefully I can have three-to-four of them in progress at the same time, therefore not allowing myself to tighten up on any particular one of them.  In the past, my work has suffered less when created in that manner.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to “Fort Worth Flatiron Watercolor, Still Under Construction”

  1. Merv Faulk Says:

    Keep up the good work David…..looks great!


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