Railroad Freight Cars in the Morning Autumn Light

Railroad Freight Cars in the Autumn Light

This weekend I will be getting out the guitar again and making music with several bands.  Aside from that, I will be buried in business paper work.  I am behind, as usual.  Therefore, I see no watercolor activity on the 48-hour horizon.

I am re-posting this small watercolor I put together last fall during a festival in Mineola, Texas.  I had taken the sketch to Austin for a weekend of watercolor demonstrations, and left it behind in the Prismacolor booth, where I had done some work.  Thankfully, a representative from Prismacolor mailed it back to me recently, along with other pieces I had left behind.  It is good to look at it once again, and think about some new railroad compositions.

This setting is in Grand Saline, Texas, near an abandoned cotton gin.  I had traveled out there two summers ago to paint the gin and railroad siding.  But last fall, while en route to an art festival in Mineola, I was spellbound at the sight of these brightly-colored rail cars parked in the morning sun, surrounded by fall foliage. I got out and took a number of photos, and later made a decision on this particular angle.

I have so many paintings in my head, that I have trouble prioritizing where to go next.  As stated before, I have a strong inclination to work on a large composition of the Ridglea Theater, but I also have been contemplating a large railroad composition.  I just haven’t yet settled on the particular scene I wish to depict.  Unfortunately, these paintings will have to wait a few days, while I sort out other business details.

Thanks for reading.

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