Ridglea Theater Watercolor Progressing Slowly

Ridglea Theater Closeup

Looks like I’ll have to leave this one for awhile.  I just put in a delightful early afternoon, working on only six vertical inches of this 30-inch vertical watercolor.  Not much quantitative work accomplished, but hopefully qualitative.  Watercolor is not my job, and some days I wish to God it were.  Now I have to make preparations for my real job which will begin early tomorrow, and I’ve procastinated that task for as long as I can.  If I can make inroads sooner than anticipated, then I will certainly return to this composition tonight, with utter delight, and would certainly post another blog before bedtime.  But I have my doubts that that will happen.

So, if I don’t return tonight, I will certainly send out a few lines on the morrow.  Thank you always for reading.


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