Talking about Art in the Age of the Blog

Posing for the Fort Worth Star-Telgram prior to my One-Man Show

I open tonight’s blog with a quote from my A. P. Art History textbook, Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: A Global History, 13th ed.

In the ancient and medieval worlds, artists rarely wrote commentaries on the works they produced.  Beginning with the Renaissance, however, the increased celebrity artists enjoyed and the ready availability of paper encouraged artists to record their intentions in letters to friends and patrons.
What an amazing age we live in today, with the blog empowering us now to publish our ideas globally, at no cost!  I have never felt really “at home” talking about my own art, though I’ve loved discussing art history throughout the years.  Reading this text tonight (while preparing yet another A.P. class) inspired me to make a more concerted effort with future blogs to discuss my theories and practices of watercolor more thoroughly.  Presently, I’m not sure what direction future blogs will take, and I really don’t know if “lookers” at my blog are actually reading what I have to write, or just looking at the pictures (Either way, I’m very happy to get the number of daily hits I’ve been enjoying!).  Nevertheless, I pledge to do a more thorough job talking about art as I continue to post my watercolor projects.  Hopefully, I’m turning a new page here in the blog odyssey.  I’ll give it my best.
Thank you for reading.

2 Responses to “Talking about Art in the Age of the Blog”

  1. Turnbull Chapter - CAHS Says:

    I usually enjoy the commentary accompanying a piece you are working on, and specially so when it concerns the painting issues and choices made rather than the circumstances in which it is being executed.


  2. Nuno Says:

    Reading your posts is always a wonderful experience. If you are going to speak about theory and practice of watercolor, for aspiring watercolor artists like me, it will be even more enjoyable!


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