My Private Art Student Accepted into Prestigious Art School!

Student Self Portrait in Oil

I tremble as I write this.  The student to whom I was giving private lessons since September has just received her letter of acceptance into the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas.  The word I received was that only one ninth grader was going to be selected from this year’s applicants, and she was the one.  When I received the call Saturday night, I was emotionally taken back to my senior year in high school, when I was summoned to the principal’s office.  As I sat there, he handed me a letter to read that he had just received–my art scholarship letter from the university where I had applied.  I suddenly was numb beyond description.  And now it has happened again.

I don’t believe I will ever again encounter a ninth-grade student with the skills, maturity, focus and disciplined work ethic that I saw in this young girl.  Watching her develop over the months has brought me more pride than I can describe in mere words.  She did it all–pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, watercolor, oil, sculpture–she indeed had no noticeable weakness as I watched her explore these various media and assemble a stunning portfolio to present to this prestigious school.

And now she is rewarded for her diligent work.  I am truly excited as I anticipate her future studio endeavors.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to “My Private Art Student Accepted into Prestigious Art School!”

  1. Nuno Says:

    Congrats to the teacher and congrats to the student!


  2. Lilybell Says:

    Fantastic! Congratulations to you both!


  3. Blogmaster Says:

    Congratulations to both of you!!


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