Blogging from the Art Festival

Hillsboro Antiques and Crafts Festival

Good morning from Hillsboro,Texas.  I wanted to post to the blog yesterday morning, but there is no Wi-Fi at this location.  I thought I would take advantage of today’s early Sunday morning lull to update.  I am composing this on a Word document, and once finished, will dash across the parking lot to log onto the Internet, paste in this document, then dash back to the festival.  (I’ll be Eddie Albert shinnying up the utility pole to make a phone call on Green Acres).

I am at the Outlets at Hillsboro Antique and Crafts Show in Hillsboro, Texas.  My 10 x 20’ booth space is very nice, as I am now able to present my art work without that crowded warehouse effect I’ve grown accustomed to inside a 10 x 10’ tent.  I have also been given an enormous store window space to place larger works on an easel.  Fortunately I am indoors as well.  The rain has been unrelenting throughout this weekend.  Yesterday’s Classic Auto Show was ruined (four vintage cars showed up, and left pretty quickly).  That definitely put a damper on the attendance.  Nevertheless traffic remained steady throughout yesterday, and some sales were made.  Sundays are usually slow, but we’ll see what happens today.

I had hoped to work on a watercolor while here, but honestly, I cannot find space in my booth to work without obstructing customer traffic.  So I spent yesterday in the booth space, studying art history and playing my guitar (two things I don’t seem to find quality time for lately).  Spring Break has arrived, so as soon as this show closes tonight, I will have a week of out-of-school freedom, and could do more posting to this blog than you can tolerate!

My reading lately has come from the 13th edition of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages (our A.P. textbook of a thousand pages—I’m almost to 800 now), and Heinz Zahrnt’s Question of God: Protestant Theology in the Twentieth Century.  I read this second book with great interest during my years in graduate school, and now return to it, thirty years later, with a renewed interest.  Such a peculiar feeling, seeing the 20th century as “history” now.  Gives me pause.

Hopefully tomorrow I can resume my work on the Ridglea Theater.  I truly believe that painting could be finished with a good day’s work.  I have another that I am itching to begin—a Fort Worth landmark that really seized my attention last week.  I fully intend to get that one underway while out of school next week.  I have two more art festivals coming up pretty quickly.  Thus, I feel this compulsion to get some more watercolors underway, because festivals have a way of interfering with my productivity—there is so much business and industry involved in updating the inventory, inspecting the furnishings of the booth, and the constant packing, unpacking, loading and unloading.  Very little painting happens during the festival season.  And I have really had the itch to pursue watercolor during these recent months.

Thanks again for reading.  Sorry for the blog hiatus.  I fully intend to do “make up” sessions next week during this wonderful Spring Break.

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