Small Ridglea Theater Watercolor Sketch from the Festival

Small Sketch of Ridglea Theater

I’m glad to be home again from the weekend art festival in Hillsboro, Texas.  The one-hour commute, along with load-in, load-out, and missing an hour with a time change kind of took a toll on me.  But I rested this afternoon, and am starting to feel a little better.

This is a 5 x 7″ watercolor sketch I did while seated in my booth on Sunday.  The customer traffic picked up quite a bit during the closing hours, but still I was able to “noodle around” and put out a quick one in this.  I think I will go ahead and mat-and-sleeve it to put in the booth for the upcoming festivals (2 more over the next 3 weekends).  Maybe I’ll create a handful of smaller pieces for the inventory.

Tomorrow I’ll take my plein air endeavors to the Dallas Arboretum.  I’ve been invited to join a group of painters there.  Thursday we will gather again at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.  I’ve always been timid about painting flowers, but maybe I’ll muster some courage and see what I can accomplish with these outings.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Small Ridglea Theater Watercolor Sketch from the Festival”

  1. Becca Edge Says:

    It was nice to share my bench with you today at the Arboretum. Your work is explicit. I regret I did not get the pic that was sold today prior to meeting you. I think I a would have loved the red azaleas.


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