First Plein Air Sketch at the Dallas Arboretum

First Dallas Arboretum Sketch

This is a BlackBerry photo of my first watercolor sketch at the Dallas Arboretum this morning.  It was the first time that I sold a painting literally “off the easel.”  The work was not completely dry when a patron purchased it.  I failed to photograph the painting, but was happy that it found a home so quickly.

The morning was overcast and wonderfully cool for working outdoors.  The crowds were huge, but fortunately there is enough space at the Arboretum to handle them.  I found everyone very friendly, and enjoyed conversing with a number of onlookers as I worked on this one.

I found the Arboretum to be a splendid place for painting, but was not thrilled with the $25 admission.  Fortunately, I left the place with a profit, thanks to this sale.  I’ll look forward to painting for free at Fort Worth’s Botanic Gardens on Thursday.

Thanks for reading.  It was a great day for painting.

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