Late Night Watercoloring in the Studio

Landscaping at Saint Ignatius Academy

It is not my customary practice to work on watercolors past midnight.  Yet here it is, 1:48 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and I’m still at it.   The Dallas Museum of Art stayed open till midnight, and the exhibit of American art during the 1920’s was overwhelming to me.  I was pleased also to find the Nasher Sculpture Garden open, and free.  The evening was enriching, with live music, food booths up and down the closed streets, and people everywhere.  When I got back home, I could not wait to return to the studio and resume work on some watercolors that I have begun recently.

This is some of the landscaping that surrounds Saint Ignatius Academy in downtown Fort Worth.  I got tired of working on the white building and its myriad of details, so I found it refreshing to lay in some greens and attempt to render foliage and flowers.  Maybe tomorrow (actually later today!) I’ll get back to the building details.  I’m getting attached to this painting as the building begins to take shape.

I have significantly improved the ambiance of my garage studio, moving my antique doors to create the semblance of an enclosed room, joining my tables, and better organizing my supplies.  I now have two 28 x 20″ watercolors going side-by-side, as I’ve resumed work on the Ridglea Theater piece, hoping to finish the latter before returning to school.  Throughout the day today, I’ve been spinning vinyl on my turntable, grooving to the sounds of Muddy Waters and The Beatles (not together!).  It’s been a long time since I’ve played LPs and I’m enjoying the music.

It’s storming over Arlington, Texas as I write this.  My smallest dog, Gizmo (a Shih-Tzu) is terrified of the rain, and never lets anyone sleep while it is storming.  He has suddenly burst into the garage,  so I have new sounds to add to the music that I’ve so enjoyed.  I hope by the time I’m sleepy, the storm will have passed.  Otherwise, Gizmo is not going to let me sleep in peace.

Thanks for reading.

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