This weekend at the Art on the Greene Festival in Arlington, Texas

Art on the Greene, Richard Greene Park, Arlington, Texas

Greetings from Art on the Greene!  I was hoping to post to the blog live throughout this weekend, but the only Wi-Fi available in the area is connected to Cowboys Stadium, and it requires a subscription.  Imagine that.  So, I’m at my dining room table, sore over every inch of my body from yesterday’s six-hour load in and set up.  But Friday evening drew over 3,000 to the park, and sales were quite good, and the conversations were even better.  The patrons are a lovely crowd so far this year.  The weather is supposed to be optimum for an art festival, and I can hardly wait to get back today (assuming the Advil is going to work).

Today (Saturday) we are open from 11 till 11:00.  Tomorrow from 11 till 5.  The music is spectacular.  I’m eagerly anticipating today’s performance of Voodoo Blue (Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute band), taking the stage around noon.  If you get a chance to come by, I am in booth #53, at the “T” intersection on the west boundary of Richard Greene Linear Park.  We are at 1601 E. Randol Mill Road, between Cowboys Stadium and Rangers Ballpark.  If you walk behind my tent, you will literally tumble into the canal far below.  I do indeed have a scenic spot, and am thinking about trying some plein watercolor from outside my booth today.

Thank you for reading.  I hope to see you at the festival.

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One Response to “This weekend at the Art on the Greene Festival in Arlington, Texas”

  1. harmonyandartford Says:

    Great set up! And good luck with your booth over the weekend!


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