Blogging Live from Kennedale, Texas–Art in the Park

Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texas

I send you greetings, live (yes, live) from Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texas.  Happily I have wireless access, compliments of the nearby public library.  And they assured the artists that the access would be in place until after closing time every night of the festival.  It’s wonderful, being able for the first time to blog live from my booth.  It was a humid day for set-up, and I soaked two sets of clothes.  But I am cool and dry now, the festival gates have opened, and I’m just waiting for patrons.

The art scene is heating up.  I have fifteen framed watercolors hanging in DeSoto City Hall as of yesterday.  They will remain on view through the month of April.  I have another exhibition coming up at Arlington Museum of Art, with the artists reception on April 20.  Today begins a three-day festival (I”m still tired from the three-day festival last weekend).  We will close tonight, and it is my earnest intention to get a full night’s rest.  I’m still puny from the allergy sickness that has dragged me down all last week.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have enough in me to begin a watercolor on site.  It’s been a week.

Thanks for reading.

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