Troublesome Creek Fly Fishing–2nd Watercolor Attempt

Troublesome Creek Fly Fishing, #2

I am nearing the end of day two of Art in the Park.  The sun just dropped  beneath the horizon, so I can no longer tinker with this watercolor.  But I am more enthused with the way it’s developing than the first that I did earlier today.  I am enjoying the effects of the salt in the water and foliage, and I like how the masquepen worked on the tree limbs and trunks.  I would have liked to have devoted more time to the fly fisherman, but, as I said, it’s darkened now, and I dare not try to watercolor under dim evening light.

I’m exhausted by two consecutive weekend festivals.  I supposed I’ve gotten too old to keep up the pace.  My allergies are a little better, but I’m still not at 100%.  But it feels good to be fiddling with watercolor again, and I do enjoy the festival atmosphere.  Tomorrow we’ll close at 5:00.

Thanks always for reading.

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3 Responses to “Troublesome Creek Fly Fishing–2nd Watercolor Attempt”

  1. The Local Tourist Colorado Says:

    very nice! So you painted this at the art fair? I love to paint fly fishing as well, check it out at


  2. George LaClaire Says:

    I have been fishing the Troublesome for many years and I love your Troublesome Creek Fly Fishing–2nd Watercolor Attempt. Can you tell me where to go to purchase your work?


    • davidtripp Says:

      George, thank you for your inquiry. I have posted a new blog entry of the three remaining fly fishing watercolors I still have in my possession, and you are welcome to check them out. The one you mentioned is in a white mat and I’m offering for $150. If you are interested, my personal email is and my cell phone is 817-821-8702. I would be happy to do business with you.


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