Star Harbor Workshop Demonstration

Star Harbor Workshop Demonstration

Good evening.  I’m still exhausted to the bone.  I just completed a two-day workshop that was off-the-charts, exceeding all expectations for me.  I am still amazed at the talent, the enthusiasm, the growth and all-around good will that I experienced among these watercolor enthusiasts.  I pledge to you readers that I will have much more to share about this, when I am more awake!  However, I must rise early tomorrow (Saturday), board a school bus, and accompany the Martin High School art club to the Rachofsky House and to the Dallas Arboretum, for a day of museum study and plein air art.  After two days of four-hour round-trip travel and workshops, I am still drained of energy and right now must get some sleep.  So . . . I will be writing you very soon, hopefully tomorrow night when I finish the art club field trip.  There is so much to catch up and report over these recent days.

Pictured above is today’s studio demonstration.  I resumed work on the Saint Ignatius Academy that I haven’t touched for about three weeks, and am really looking forward to getting up-to-my-elbows in this painting again.  It was a pleasure working on it today, and answering questions from the workshop participants.  After a day of plein air yesterday, we chose to stay indoors today and work in a studio atmosphere.  The conversations were first-rate, and I appreciated each and every artist who engaged in our shared activity today.  I miss them already.

Thanks for reading.

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