Saint Ignatius Watercolor in Progress

Saint Ignatius Academy

It has been awhile since I posted this entire watercolor in progress (28 x 22″).  I’m lost in the size of it, and today have only worked on a few square inches along the top story windows to the right.  Even I myself don’t see the forest for the trees, as I work on those windows, and completely ignore everything happening down below.  I’ve determined that when I next approach this (tonight or early tomorrow morning) I’m going to see about balancing the mansard roof green tiles with the green landscaping below, and make some decisions about reds or pinks to complement.  I always have trouble balancing out my compositions, especially when they are monstrously large and complex as this one is.

Before I close this out, I have to say that Muddy Waters has been a phenomenal studio partner this evening.  I’m listening to vinyl and enjoying my old turntable.  Tonight I have been playing his Fathers and Sons album, featuring Muddy along with Otis Spann, Michael Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Sam Lay and Buddy Miles.  I had never before paid much attention to his “Mean Disposition” but it really go hold of me this afternoon, and I cannot seem to play it and listen to it enough.  Anyway, nice to have Blues music playing while I crawl all over the side of this magnificent Catholic structure.

Thanks for reading.  I’m going to take a break before returning to this.

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