Carving out New Studio Space in the Man Cave

Man Cave Reformation

I didn’t retire to bed till around 3:00 a.m., I was enjoying so much the adrenaline that comes with a new project.  Of course, I’m a little sluggish today, because this “project” has taken on a life of its own, and has found ways to extend!  I was sure that my new garage/art studio/man cave would be finished yesterday.  Now, I’m convinced that it won’t be finished today either.  Sigh.  But I am enjoying the process, so I guess that counts for something.

Some wonderful friends gave me a precious gift of a vintage drafting table, 4 x 7″ and fully operational.  Late last night, I got it dragged to its current location, and then slowly began building my studio around it.  What I cannot squeeze into this photo yet (I’m a poor photographer) are the antique doors (seven of them) that have enclosed this area into a nice intimate space for making art, reading, journaling, eating, watching TV and listening to my stereo.  Today Anita Baker is serenading me from her Rapture album that I have on vinyl.

Breakfast the first morning in my new, emerging studio

The  morning started on a terrific note.  Even though I retired to bed around 3 a.m., I slept soundly and awoke without an alarm at 8:00.  I took my time making breakfast, and then decided to enjoy it in the new studio, with the garage door up and the beautiful cooling breezes filling the space.  I also took time to look over yesterday’s plein air sketch of the Ellis County Courthouse.  I now have some ideas of what to do in order to finish this up and sign it.  But I can honestly say I’m conflicted between making art and continuing to putter around, arranging the furnishings of  this emerging studio.  To close on a sad note–this is Texas, and I am fully aware that by the time this studio is ready, that I’ll have to abandon it until September.  Texas suburban garages are not places to work in the summer months.

Thanks for reading.

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