Beginning a Colorado Watercolor, in the Man Cave

Saturday Morning in the Studio

It is a delicious sunny Saturday morning in suburban Texas.  The sun is bright, and temperatures have not yet risen.  I’m in my new studio/man cave beginning a watercolor of St. Elmo, Colorado.  I took a number of 35mm slides years ago, using my SLR camera, and thanks to an old carousel projector, I am able to project the image nice and large in the back of my garage.  The portable antique doors have shielded the bright Texas sun from this rear wall, so the projection is quite good.  The two bucket candles of citronella seem to be driving the mosquitoes away (they’ve sucked plenty of blood out of me the past several days and I’m sick of them).

I have a Mystic Fire Video playing of James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  Reading that novel changed my life back in 1988, convincing me to turn to art and teaching as a profession.  I read it while dispatching for the Fort Worth Police Department late nights.  I am so grateful that someone produced a film of it–a quite moving one.  It has convinced me that it is time to read the novel again.

But now, I turn my attention to painting.  I took a number of slides of St. Elmo before taking my 4-wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee on a foolhardy climb over Tin Cup pass.  We survived, but I still marvel at my stupidity in that effort.

Hopefully, I’ll have more to show you before this day ends.  So far, I have only drawn the composition and blocked in the cerulean sky.  I have masking drying on the highlights of the evergreens, and will turn my attention to the distant horizon next.

Thanks for reading.

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