Watercoloring the Colorado High Places

Colorado Mountain Town

I tried to make today count, studio-wise.  But it got intolerably hot in the man cave this afternoon.  Now with the Texas night temperatures dropping, I find myself wishing for some of those St. Elmo, Colorado mountain temperatures right about now.  Despite the bugs everywhere around me (they must really like these citronella Tiki torches), I am finding the opportunity to paint again.  Posted is what I managed to do during the morning hours when it was cool and pleasant.

I’m working overtime, trying to “fold” these buildings with better contrasts.  There is a deep shadow between them.  I’ve decided to render the one on the right in gold and the one on left (not in this picture yet) in brick red.  The siding is peeling badly, which is just what I like in watercolor rendering.  I’m trying to use my brushes more as pencils, taking advantage of the cold-press texture of this paper, in capturing the blistered wooden surfaces of the buildings.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll have this painting finished in time for the weekend show at Levitt Pavilion.  That was not my design, but I’m surprised at how fast this one is shaping up.  It is not as large as the ones I’ve done previously, this one measuring 16.5 x 22.5 inches.  Thanks to an afternoon nap, I just may be able to stay with this one late into the night.  We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks always for reading.


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