An Andy Warhol Twist to my Catholic Architectural Watercolor

Saint Ignatius Academy (red)

I just received my limited edition giclee prints of my recent watercolor of Saint Ignatius.  The printer, a Photoshop veteran, decided to have some fun with variations on my print, and this is what resulted.  I love the variations Andy Warhol did with his reproductions, and I find it amusing to know that he faithfully attended Catholic mass, (and I seem to recall that he visited his local parish frequently to pray in silence).  At any rate, I wish to post these images.  I will be bringing them into the public view during this holiday weekend at Arlington, Texas’s Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts.  They are holding their first ever art festival, in conjunction with Friday through Sunday night concerts featuring Michael Martin Murphey, Ray Wiley Hubbard and Asleep at the Wheel.  The event is 5:30-10:30 nightly, and is free to the public.  I would love to see any of you there who can make it.  I have been guaranteed a prime booth location.

Saint Ignatius Academy (yellow)

Here is the “Yellow Warhol” variation on my theme.

Saint Ignatius Academy (sepia)

. . . and the “Sepia” look gives it a nice antique, vintage appearance (perhaps my personal favorite).

Saint Ignatius Academy (orange)

. . . and finally my orange version.

Thanks for reading.

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