Greetings from the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington!

Tripp’s Booth at the Arlington Levitt Pavilion

I’m very pleased to find Internet access here at the Levitt Pavilion festival!  It was a hot afternoon for setting up, but the booths were provided, along with some globe lighting.  They gave me permission to install my own track lighting as well, and invited me to take over the space in the booth behind me that did not rent.  So . . . I have 10 x 20 feet to work with, plenty of area space, and excellent storage in the rear.  We are set up on a street that has been closed, the asphalt is level, and the two area rugs I laid down have nicely covered all the heavy cables that were run to provide electricity from nearby generators.

I’m very pleased to bring out about a dozen watercolors that have not been made public before, along with several limited edition and special edition giclee prints.  Dozens of new greeting cards have also been processed, many of them reproductions of work I have not yet put before the public.

Tonight’s music features Michael Martin Murphey.  When he sings “Wildfire,” I’ll get chills–my band played “Wildfire” at the very first gig we ever did.  I’ll never forget that night, and what joy it brought to me (though we were scared half to death).   “Wildfire” was one of our best songs.   So . . . I’ll be looking forward to that song later tonight, and will re-live the memories with gratitude.

Festivals are fun.  I’m glad the Texas temperatures are slowly dropping, the breezes are picking up, the crowds are gathering, and I’m feeling pretty serene.  I’m looking forward to this weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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