Honorable Mention at the Paint Historic Waxahachie Event

Honorable Mention

I titled this painting “Edward Hopper Visits 902 W. Main Street, Waxahachie.”  Presumptuous as that sounds, Hopper is my inspiration when I approach a home such as this and try to render all the architectural nuances, drawing, re-drawing, measuring, erasing and drawing yet again.  To me, watercolor is an extension of drawing and I always fear that a bad drawing will create a foundation for a bad painting.  This painting had its problems, and I almost withdrew it from the judging, but am glad now that I kept it in.  If it doesn’t sell, however, I will “fix” it,  changing the few things that I found unsatisfactory in the composition.  But we’ll see about that later.

Ted Clemens was awarded Best of Show, and as I recollect, he has either been Best of Show or First Place in the four years I have participated in this annual event.  And it wouldn’t surprise me if he was the top winner in the years previous.   He is undoubtedly the Dean of Painters in this broad region, and I never see anything emerge from his brush that is less than first-rate.  I have never viewed his studio work, but his oil paintings and drawings en plein air always knock the wind out of me.  At the bottom of this post, I’ll insert a photo of his winner.  I had the rare privilege of chatting with Ted for over an hour last night, and we had plenty to exchange as we shared the inspirations we have drawn from Hopper, Wyeth, Thoreau, Emerson and a host of other shining lights.  It was a delight discussing art, literature, theology, music and a host of other subjects with him.  Ted grew up in New Jersey, took up residence in Utah, and finally came to Texas to reside for the majority of his years.  His broad range of views has been distilled with the same kind of richness that emerges from his oil paintings.  I’ll always be grateful for such times of conversation.  He is a real Mensch.

Congratulations Ted, and thanks to all of you who read this.

Best of Show Clemens

Clemens and Tripp



2 Responses to “Honorable Mention at the Paint Historic Waxahachie Event”

  1. Sandi Says:

    “…we shared the inspirations we have drawn from Hopper, Wyeth…” What? No mention of Proust??? Smiles and giggles…


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