Contemplating the Next Move

Edward Hopper Visits 902 W. Main Street, Waxahachie

The first day after a long flurry such as I have just endured leaves me with plenty of “domestic business” to tend that has been neglected the past ten days.  I still cannot believe I chose to do a three-day art festival, finish the last week of school and participate in a ten-day paint-out, all in the same space.

I have decided, however, that I will not allow a single day to go by this summer without some attention given to making art.  Currently I have a Colorado mountain watercolor I’m trying to finish, and a watercolor of the Colorado ghost town of St. Elmo.  But I also have this Honorable Mention painting posted above.  Strange to me, in my four straight years of participation in the Waxahachie paint-out, I have won an award of some kind, and the award-winning painting immediately sold.  This one did not.  I also noted with curiosity that a number of other award-winning paintings this year went unsold.  Strange.

Nevertheless, I was never satisfied that I left the bottom rooftops of this painting as light as I did.  I intended for them to have the same kind of “accent” darkness as the ones at the top, so I could somehow punctuate the perimeter of this composition, rather than allow the bottom one-third to wash out as this one did.  I’m glad the painting won something, and I guess am also glad that it stayed behind so I could experiment with it further.  Whatever happens, I’ll leave the price at $150 in case someone out there becomes interested in it.  It measures 10 x 8″ and is in a white matte, encased in a plastic sleeve.  I plan to re-post the finished piece tonight.  Meanwhile, I still have personal business to tend, so I must get on with that.  I hope the man cave cools this evening.  It looks like Texas is headed for triple-digit temperatures again today.

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Honorable Mention


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