A Re-Worked Edward Hopper-Style Plein Air Watercolor

Edward Hopper visits Waxahachie

Those of you following my blog are already aware of this plein air sketch I attempted last week during the Historic Waxahachie Paint-Out.  This home, located on 902 W. Main, I chose to render as closely as possible to Edward Hopper’s early watercolor techniques.  I fell in love with his watercolor of the Methodist Church cupola in Provincetown.  I am still astonished that the 6’7″ Hopper managed it from the back seat of his sedan!  I had the benefit of an easel on the sidewalk, though it broke and dumped my painting face-down into the street.

This painting took an Honorable Mention, but interested no buyers at $150.  So, I decided to do what I should have done from the start, and had actually made myself a critical note to do so, but the collapsed easel distracted me, making me forget to finish it.  The “finish” is the darkened rooftops along the bottom of the composition.  I just now did that, and now like this painting much better.  I’ll still offer it at $150, which I think is reasonable for a 10 x 8″ Hopper-like piece.

Time to move on to the next painting.  The morning has been good so far.  It is now 7:20.  Thanks for reading.


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