Painting in the Man Cave as the Rain Pours and Temperatures Drop

St Elmo, Colorado

I had expected to make more headway on this watercolor today.  The details are slowing me down.  Having only slept three hours last night, I succumbed to the Texas heat around noon, and decided to take a refresher nap after a late lunch.  One of my painting buddies came and worked with me in the man cave during the latter hours of the morning.  It is always rewarding, working next to another artistic spirit.

I awoke to thunderstorms around 5:00 and the temperatures had dropped to 70.  That I can handle.  So, I’m back in the man cave, the garage door is open and it’s pouring down rain outside.  The skies have darkened deliciously and I so love the sounds of the heavy raindrops glancing off the hoods of the Dodge Ram pickup and Jeep, just fifteen feet behind me.

My next step is to contrast the red and gold buildings that anchor the left side of this composition.  Then I’ll lay down the boardwalk in front of the stores, finish detailing the windows and doors on the structure to the right, and I will be nearly finished.  Perhaps I’ll post this finish work after all, before the night is through.

It is so nice to be out of school now.  Thanks for reading.


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