Beginning the Tarrant County Courthouse Cupola

Tarrant County Courthouse Cupola

While the water floats about the Winsor Blues and Reds billow about, I thought I would pause, photograph and post again to the blog before it gets much later.  I think I’ll be at it awhile tonight.  Meeting new friends today, and connecting with some old ones has managed to inject some new energy in me.  Also, I feel my time in the man cave coming to an end, as I am about to leave for Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

I decided to begin a mid-size watercolor (17″h x 15″w) of the cupola of our Tarrant County courthouse.  The light playing off it last evening was breathtaking, and I find myself wishing to experiment with some new color combinations I haven’t tried before.

I’m getting a kick out of listening to Alabama Live on the stereo as I poke around on this watercolor.  During the past decade, I have missed listening to their rich vocal harmonies, and always wished I could be part of a group capable of pushing out that kind of sound.   I have only listened to their studio tracks over the years, but this live album has a medley of “There’s No Way/When We Make Love” that is a real heart-stopper!  Anyway, great musical company.

Back to painting!  Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “Beginning the Tarrant County Courthouse Cupola”

  1. Maria Montes Says:

    how much do you charge for this watercolor of the Tarrant County Courthouse? Also, do you have any of the full courthouse? Please email me information at Thank you


    • davidtripp Says:

      Good morning, and thank you for your interest. The courthouse cupola that you saw is the only one I have painted of the Tarrant County Courthouse. It is now framed and for sale at the Weiler House Gallery. You may contact them at

      Bill Ryan
      Weiler House Fine Art Gallery
      3126 Handley Drive
      Fort Worth, Texas 76112


      I appreciate your contact, thank you.


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