Late Summer Night Watercolor Session in the Man Cave

Tarrant County Courthouse

Darn!  It is approaching the midnight hour, I have to rise at 6:00 for summer school, but I’m addicted to late-night watercolor sessions in my man cave.  The itch returned this afternoon as I knocked around Fort Worth, talking to some friends, artistic spirits and business associates.  I wish I could have a studio closer to them so I could see them more often and more easily.  But then again, I probably wouldn’t be getting this kind of work done.

I was baffled by the colors reflected off the courthouse cupola last evening.  I have blown up an 8 x 10″ photo that I took, then zoomed in the structure more.  I’m trying to work Winsor Red and Transparent Yellow on the sunlit portions, then Winsor Violet and Alizarin Crimson in the shadows.  A few other colors are tossed in here and there, as well.  So far, I’m not getting the colors I saw, but if they look good, I won’t mind.  At this early stage though, I can’t really tell if they look good.  It also bugs me, working under this artificial light.  Even day bulbs don’t really get it done.  Oftentimes when the morning comes and I see my watercolor in the natural light, I find myself totally exasperated at the results.  Still, I’m finding the night to be very enjoyable nonetheless.  To me, the act of watercoloring is every bit as enjoyable as a good finished result.  Unlike Edward Hopper, I DO enjoy the act of painting.  It takes me to another world.  And tonight I am in a much better, more serene world, than the one that often accompanies me during business hours.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Janet Capua tonight for looking at, and posting to my blog.  What are you doing up so late?!  You have plenty of cooking awaiting you in the morning.

Thanks all of you for reading.  Some of you know that I keep a journal, almost daily.  As I’ve posted before:

I journal because I am alone;

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.

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2 Responses to “Late Summer Night Watercolor Session in the Man Cave”

  1. Janet Capua Says:

    We are never alone. Our friends are but a mere thought away.
    I smile as I think of your beautiful journey.
    You will be an inspiration to your students and you will rekindle your own fire.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Your encouragement fuels me beyond description, thank you. You are truly an inspiration to me, and I would not have traded this afternoon’s conversation for anything. You give so much to everyone around you. I hope we can find a way to give as much back to you.


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