Artistic Collaborations

Janet Capua and David Tripp

How fabulous to sail into the weekend at 12:45 today (summer school days are Mon-Thur).  I couldn’t wait to return to Z’s Cafe on 1116 Pennsylvania Ave. in Fort Worth’s hospital district.  I posted earlier about Janet Z. Capua and the remarkable work she does at her popular establishment.  She has been a real inspiration to me, as we’ve had opportunities recently to talk about the creative process.  Her culinary studies have taken her to San Francisco, Chicago, Florence and many other exotic places.  She is a lover and patron of art, music, business and any other pursuit that thrives on the creative touch.  Janet is a boundless reservoir of energy, with a host of interns and working around her, soaking up her advice and musings of problem-solving.  I feel that I have caught some of the fever as well.  Thanks, Janet.  Chatting with you today was a genuine pleasure.

I plan to return to the man cave this evening and resume work on the Tarrant County courthouse cupola this evening, when these torrid Texas temperatures drop a few more degrees.  I’ve been staring all day at the work I began last night on it.

Thanks for reading.

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