Parting Shot, the Eureka Springs Historic Depot

Eureka Springs Historic Depot

Here is the railroad depot I painted as a demonstration on our last morning, yesterday in Eureka Springs.  Home now, I am trying to get my man cave back in order and resume some measure of studio routine before summer school resumes Monday.  I have a Tarrant County Courthouse I wish to complete, and a few new ideas from last week that I would like to put into action, before I lose momentum.

I apologize for not having more to report.  I slept in (a little) this morning, and then took a nap this afternoon.  I still feel plenty of fatigue, associated with the seven-hour drive home at the end of a busy day yesterday, accompanied by the general “let down” feeling that follows such a natural high as what occurred this past week.  I really miss the chatter, laughter and energy of the students I encountered this past week.  I was deeply gratified at the quality of work they generated, their enthusiasm for plein air painting, and the affirmation I feel, knowing that two of them plan to return next year to study with me.  I’m finding it hard to shift gears today.  Maybe tomorrow.

Here is a photo of all the sketches I kicked out last week–nine in six days.  I thought I had done only about five; I was surprised at the number.

A Week of Plein Air Sketching

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