No, I Am Not Painting Right Now

Tripp working at “Paint Historic Waxahachie”

Good morning!  I wish I could say that I am painting.  But I am not.  Currently, I am teaching English IV in summer school (until 12:45 daily).  After school (yesterday and today), I have some social engagements (good ones, of course), a few unpleasant tasks to complete (I won’t go into those) and some decisions to make on which of my works to put on display and sale at a Friday night restaurant and bar venue (a good thing).  And then, there will be preparations for tomorrow’s summer school.  So, unfortunately, painting is crowded out at the moment, but hopefully I can resume tomorrow (Thursday). Meanwhile, I have photos to post that some beautiful friends emailed to me yesterday.  The one above was taken by Vickie Cunningham, a photographer I had the privilege of meeting on my last day of the historic Waxahachie paint out (I was trying to “capture” a Gingerbread home that was being toured across the street from where I parked my Jeep).  Vickie has a fabulous blog to which I have just subscribed, and she has posted a host of photos from Jerome, Arizona and Portland, Oregon, her two most recent excursions.  Check out her work at

Tripp’s Glowing Easel

On my last day at the Eureka Springs Plein Air Class, I did this quick demo of the facade of the historic train depot.  After I was finished, Sharron Spence, one of the students in the class, showed me this photo she took of my easel.  Pointing out the glow around the watercolor pad, she joked that she had discovered the secret of my success–some kind of divine energy field that hovers about the surface of my work!  I begged for a copy of this photo, and she graciously sent it to me yesterday.

On a closing note, Sharron couldn’t resist a final dig:  my students had this tendency to spread further and further apart as the week progressed (regressed?).  It got to the point where I walked about 300 yards to get from one end of my student line to the other, stopping to critique their work as I walked.  Finally, when I gave a pointer or two, to a student, I would say: “See you next in about an hour, I suppose.”  Here is a photo of me wending my weary way along the circuit.  Thanks, Sharron, these memories will always be special to me, as you are special.

Tripp Walking the Artist Circuit at Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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