Studio Watercolors on a Quiet Saturday

Savoy Hotel and Coffee Shop

It’s a hot Texas Saturday, so I’ve chosen to stay in and enjoy the air conditioning and work at my leisure on my latest large watercolor.  This is part of an historic downtown scene I photographed and have always wanted to paint.  The building is covered in ghost signs and still features a viable cafe.

I blogged earlier this morning that the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins put me in a reflective state of mind, and in the mood to pursue watercolor.  This afternoon I have been listening to Andy Warhol documentary DVDs.  I’m always inspired by his genius, his business sense, and his amazing sense of color.  Recently I traveled to North Park mall and photographed a set of ten of his silkscreen prints on display there.  I’m saddened that he died prematurely, before he had the chance to pursue graphic arts on the home computer.  I’m thinking of re-opening a couple of books I read over this past year: Pop: The Genius of Andy Warhol and Popism: The Warhol Sixties.  Several years back, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Factory Made, but darn it, someone stole that book, and I regret having to buy another just to mark it all up again and retrieve the information I found so valuable.  I hate book thieves.  I guess that’s what I get for moving half of my private library into my public school classroom for easy pickins.

I don’t have too many hours of quality daylight left to pursue this one, and I hate painting after dark, under artificial light.  I think it’s dried enough now that I can go ahead and give it another push.

Thanks for reading.


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