Maxwell House Coffee Tin in the Painting Studio

Feeling Andy Warhol’s Muse

Hello again.  I’m settling into the mood to read, and my eyes are getting a little weary of all the close work demanded by this 12 x 14″ watercolor just begun today.  The details are tight, and I’m getting tired of staring so closely at it.  So, I  believe I’ll put it up on the easel next to the Lucky Strike painting and see how it looks across the reading room.

I’m surprised by this sudden obsession to paint still life objects in more exacting detail than I’ve formerly done.  But I am enjoying the results.  The nostalgia that surrounds objects such as these gives me a warm feeling as well.  However, I have an inviting stack of books at my elbow, good things to drink, and believe I’ll shut down the art for the evening and let some of the literary muses tickle my imagination before bedtime.

Thanks always for reading.

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2 Responses to “Maxwell House Coffee Tin in the Painting Studio”

  1. BJR Says:

    Sometimes it’s inspiring to do something different than the normal. Like the still life’s. (The memorial I’m working on is just my second. A bit different…but rewarding.) It “jars”…and new things come from it. Like a potted plant that gets dropped, loosening the soil and roots, and lo!…the plant thrives. (I’ve had this happen!) Your work is very amazing to me!…as usual. BJR


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