Returning to Work on the Ghost Signs of the Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel Ghost Signs

Work on this building is coming along very, very slowly.  I resumed the ghost signage on the side wall of this hotel late last night (and stayed up till nearly 3:00 a.m.).  Today I am back at school, getting my classroom ready for the students next week.  But I hit the wall around noon, and decided to take out this painting (which I conveniently brought with me) and push it a little further.  I have begun work on the tree to the left, three more windows have been added, and now I am trying to work on the fascia details running along the roof.  Contrast has been a problem on this composition from the beginning.  Last night I began taking daring steps to darken particular portions of the building, and today I have pushed them even further.
I always have a problem rendering the ghost signage, but I do love it so.  I cannot stop staring at it in real life, cannot stop photographing it, and after all these years am still flummoxed by the task, nevertheless I continue experimenting.  I have viewed so many splendid watercolors of ghost signs, and want to enter those ranks myself.  So, I keep trying.

Thanks for reading.  I need to go pick up some textbooks now!


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    Have you been getting my emails?


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