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Watercolor of Historic Church in Leadville, Colorado

September 7, 2012

Leadville, Colorado Church

Here is another 8 x 10″ watercolor I completed last summer, and now have slipped into an 11 x 14″ matte and shinkwrap bag.  This is one of my better, smaller pieces.  I think I’ll price it at $150 for next week’s festival and see if it can find a home.  I photographed this historic church in Leadville, Colorado during one of my many trips to that splendid mountain city.  Recently, while Texas temperatures have hovered menacingly above the triple digits, I have looked with remorse on the Weather Channel to see temperatures in Leadville in the upper 40’s.  It must be a splendid sight, waking every morning in a town like Leadville, and looking out at a Rocky Mountain range bathed in color and atmosphere that challenges the plein air painter like nothing else.

Thanks for reading.  I still have more paintings to blog.

Plein Air Watercolor of a Eureka Springs House in the Evening

September 7, 2012

Eureka Springs House in the Evening

Here is a small plein air watercolor I did after my first class at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts last summer.  I only had an hour to get it done, as the late afternoon sunlight was waning, and seemed to linger on this house just long enough for me to finish it.  I’ll never forget the fun I had, as tourists continued to stop and look over my shoulder to see what I was doing out on that public sidewalk.  Eureka Springs has always been a fun place to paint in public.

I just finished putting this in a matte and shinkwrap bag and am glad to add it to my festival inventory next week.  I think I’ll put a $125 price on it.  The image is 8 x 10″ and is inserted in an 11 x 14″ white matte.

Thanks for reading.

Maxwell House Memories, with Touches of Andy Warhol and Marcel Proust

September 7, 2012

Maxwell House with Touches of Andy Warhol and Marcel Proust

O.K., so I’m not drinking Maxwell House tonight (actually, it is Starbuck’s Pike Place Roast).  But I like the Maxwell House commercial layout much better than Starbuck’s, and it is probably safer to paint their copyrighted image and publish it than it would be to copy Starbuck’s.  This is another watercolor I am trying to finish so I can matte and shrinkwrap it by festival time.  I got the urge to watercolor some still life objects carrying commercial brands several weeks ago while I was lost in Andy Warhol research for my art history classes.  This just happens to be one that got abandoned and forgotten.  Today I have pulled from my storage area about eight “in-progress” watercolors started over the past three months and forgotten.  It would be nice to add them to my inventory next week when I put my art out on the streets.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh well, it is already 9:30.  Looks like it’s going to be another late one tonight.  So much still to pursue.

Thanks for reading.




Finishing the Tarrant County Courthouse Cupola in Watercolor

September 7, 2012

Tarrant Country Courthouse Cupola

With my next art festival less than a week away, I find myself working late hours to stitch up the final details of works started last summer that were never completed.  This is a study of the Tarrant County Courthouse that I photographed during a beautiful sunset evening when the light glancing off the stone was enchanting to see.  I worked hard trying to find the right combination of yellows and purples to pick up the warm highlights and gathering cool shadows that captured my imagination that evening.  I keep hoping that I’ll return to this subject and explore it further.  I have spent some quality days recently in downtown Fort Worth, armed with camera and sketchbook, and would really like to capture more of the splendor of that city.  But, in the meantime, I have a festival coming up, so I continue with the matting, shrinkwrapping and finish-work on these lingering watercolor compositions.

Thanks for reading.

Feeling the Andy Warhol Adrenalin, Preparing for the Next Festival

September 7, 2012

Trinidad, Colorado

It’s Friday night.  My next art festival (Grapefest) begins in the middle of next week.  I have a weekend free to pursue the Andy Warhol/Factory lifestyle.  The only difference is that I will not have 21 employees working out of my studio, packaging my inventory.  But, I have plenty of coffee, plenty of time, plenty of space and two Andy Warhol documentary DVDs to keep me company as I work at finishing up some incomplete watercolors and matting and shrinkwrapping the ones already finished.

Above is my large 22 x 28″ piece from Trinidad, Colorado.  I still have plenty of ghost sign details to clean up, plenty of building left on the left side of the composition, and the street and sidewalk out front.  I hope to have this wrapped up on Saturday.  I’m getting ready to post other photos I’ve taken of the other works I’m packaging.  So, there is more to follow . . .

Thanks for reading.

Preparing Large Watercolor for Grapefest Art Festival

September 6, 2012

Downtown Trinidad, Colorado

Hello again, and my apologies for letting this blog languish, yet again.  The new school year has kept me up late every night, preparing for classes.  I haven’t  gotten behind, but cannot seem to get ahead, either.  At any rate, I have managed to get in some late hours in the studio over the last several nights, and think I just may have this 22 x 28″ watercolor finished before my first art festival of the fall season (Grapefest, in Grapevine, Texas next weekend).

The ghost sign on the shadow side of the building has demanded considerable time from me, and I still feel there is much to be done on that one wall alone.  The left hand side of the composition features a myriad of details that I haven’t even yet started.  Hopefully I can give it the attention it deserves beginning tomorrow night, once the weekend commences.  I plan to have more to report tomorrow night, so stay tuned, and thanks always for reading.