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Finally Returning to the Watercolor Studio

October 8, 2012

Fort Worth Cattle Drive at the Stockyards

I have had a long absence from the studio, as well as the blog.  The festivals of the last two weekends were very enjoyable (and exhausting).  St. Louis was two weekends ago; Pantego was last weekend.  Today’s Columbus Day holiday and school closure was a welcome respite.  I managed to catch up on some lost sleep, tidy my home and studio and actually pick up the watercolor brush and work on my first longhorn ever, and add some shadows on the street in the foreground.

My biggest challenge with this longhorn was the mottled white patches all over his hide, which I managed with my modified “ugly” brush.  As to the colors, well that was what kept me from attacking this for weeks–I just didn’t know.  I mixed combinations of Cadmium Red, Winsor Violet, Transparent Yellow, Winsor Blue (Green Shade) and Winsor Green.  Had I attempted this four years ago, I would have reached for Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and Naples Yellow.  I am taking considerable satisfaction, experimenting with the colors of my more recent palette.  I still have a long way to go, but I am enjoying this new color science.

I need to turn my attention to tomorrow’s classes (Philosophy and Art History), so this will be it for tonight.  The watercolor is still soaked and drying.  Once I get back to the dry surface, I look forward to detailing the brick street that these longhorns are treading.

Thanks for reading.  And thanks for your patience, if you’ve waited for a new blog.  I did not have Internet access at the recent festivals, and the weeknights have been a nightmare, trying to punch up my inventory for the festival booth.  I’m glad to be back to the brush and the blog.