A Second Attempt at Painting a Vintage Doorknob with Andrew Wyeth Influence

Second Vintage Doorknob in Drybrush Watercolor

With delight, I return to my home (and my man cave) tonight.  I traveled to Bullard, Texas after school Friday to set up for the 5th Annual Jenny Wood Art Show, hosted by the First United Methodist Church of Bullard Mission House.  This is a remarkable show, set up in the memory of Jenny Wood, a quintessential artist of East Texas who passed away five years ago.  The event organizers–a commited community of local artists and volunteers–were among the finest I’ve met in my past six years of art festival participation.  The facility was magnificent–a family life center connected to the Methodist Church there, and I was surrounded by magnificent art.  My thanks goes out to the artists and marvelous patrons who turned out in droves and made the event a success, with a significant amount donated to the Mission House.

The night before I left for the show, I began drawing out the composition posted above–a second 8 x 10″ rendering of another of my antique doorknobs and doors in my man cave (that doubles as a wall for displaying my art at festivals).  I had hoped to work on this watercolor sketch in the hotel room last night, but I got in rather late after setting up my display, and chose instead to unwind in the pool (a wise choice!).  Rising at 6:00 this morning, I returned to Bullard from Jacksonsville (and I highly recommend their LaQuinta), and just before the show opened, I resumed work in this sketch.  I took with me the doorknob, and completed it while at the festival, then returning home tonight, set up in the man cave and focused on the door and the lock plate.  I feel that I am near completion but haven’t yet signed the piece.  After the luxury of setting my clock back and getting an extra hour of sleep, I’ll have a clearer eye in the morning to decide whether or not this piece is actually finished.  But as of now, I am exhausted to the bone, and glad that I can fall asleep tonight with a smile, thanks to the wonderful artists and patrons I met this weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to “A Second Attempt at Painting a Vintage Doorknob with Andrew Wyeth Influence”


    It was really nice meeting you at the BULLARD, Tx–Genny Woods Art show (not Bullock, Texas :)) yesterday. We all so enjoyed your Art work and we hope you will return for a workshop here.
    When all is settled and after time of rest, I would appreciate the name of the international magazine that you spoke about…the ‘limited’ palette of colors you highly recommend. Will appreciate your thoughts and advice.
    Rose Gesford


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thanks for the correction, Rose. I fixed it. (I think I had only one eye open last night when I typed it). I’ve retrieved the magazine of which we spoke and am working on getting the article online so I can forward it to you. Thanks again for your friendship, and I would love the opportunity of working with you and your circle of watercolorists in Bullard.


    • davidtripp Says:

      I have the article digitized now and can send it. Could you send an email to dmtripp2000@yahoo.com? I don’t want to attach the article to the blog but will gladly forward it to you.


  2. Usman Says:

    May I use this painting for an album cover?
    I will give you credit.
    Please let me know.


    • davidtripp Says:

      I would be honored for my work to appear on an album cover, thank you for asking, and thank you for the credit offer. I am David Tripp and my website is http://www.recollections54.com. You have my blog address. Please send me a copy of the album when it is available, or at least send me a digital image of the cover so I could use it in my professional portfolio. Again, thanks.


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