Painting en Plein Air in my Back Yard

Plein Air Watercolor in the Back Yard

Having returned from a two-day camping trip late last night, I tried to sleep in today (Saturday), but the Texas sun was so bright coming through the bedroom window that I could not.  I took an early phone call, and while stepping out into my back yard and talking on the phone, I looked up through the branches of one of my larger trees, and was astonished at the sight of the stark shadows across the bark, thrown by one tree bough onto another.  I loved the sight of the turning leaves as well, and the crystal clarity of the warm morning sun on the rugged tree bark.  I had to set up the easel and give it a try.

This is a small study (about 8 x 10″) and I was shocked to realize that after 21 minutes, I had done about all I could with it.  So, here it is!  I honestly don’t feel that I am working quickly.  There certainly was no rush today.  But after laying down a wash, drybrushing over it, and then penciling over all of that, I feel that I have done all I can without overworking the watercolor.  I still like the transparency of the medium, and don’t with to turn out “heavy” compositions.

Thanks for reading.

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