Returning to the Long Horn Cattledrive Watercolor

Fort Worth Stockyards

I did manage to get in some quality studio time as this Saturday came and went.  I returned to the man cave this evening (my garage) and pulled out this full-size, 22 x 28″ watercolor of the Fort Worth Stockyards that I began quite some time ago.  My recent distractions with still life and plein air experiments have taken me away from two large studio pieces (I also have a Trinidad, Colorado scene also in progress–22 x 28″).

I decided this evening to darken the foreground street colors and the background foliage colors in order to make the subjects pop a little more effectively.  I also put quite a bit more time in on the white horse to the left.  Still, there are so many details to tend.  I keep feeling that the conclusion to this composition draws further and further away from my reach.  Hopefully, I can lay this one to rest next week.  It is time to finish it and move on (something I seem to have problems with recently in my increasing number of unfinished watercolors!).   Speaking of which . . . I have another blog to post of a Lucky Strike composition begun last summer and abandoned.  Time to turn my attention to that now.

Thanks for reading.

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