Trying to Finish the Lucky Strike Cigarette Case

Lucky Strike Watercolor Nearing Completion?

Well, I decided to go ahead and fling this out on the blog before heading to bed.  It is midnight here, and the studio has been nice and quiet.  Unfortunately, I was tied up with school grading and preparations for most of this night, but thanks to a pot of coffee and some enthusiasm, I chose to resume work on this a couple of hours ago.  I’m glad I did.  No doubt I’ll feel some of the effects tomorrow, but Philosophy and Art History are subjects I love to teach, and tomorrow’s topics hold my interest more than most.

I’m still trying to solve the wooden surface of the antique table, with all its scratches and damage.  I’ve never been comfortable simulating wood grains in watercolor, and frankly have no clue as to what I’m doing.  So far, I like what’s emerging, and am surprised to find it going as well as it is.  I am using only primary colors as I try to render all the nuances and tones of the wood.

Time for bed now.  Thanks for reading.

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