Tonight Shakespeare Collides with Watercolor Activity

Cattle Drive at Fort Worth Stockyards

As I draw near the close of an exhausting week, I must confess that it has been harder to enter the studio.  A dear friend of mine recently fell, breaking a leg and wrist, and I have been distracted, trying to assist some of her family and close friends with basic tasks and visitation.  Today I spent the entire afternoon out of town, visiting in the hospital, and returned tonight to the daily school tasks.  I did manage to pull out this cattle drive watercolor and work on it for about an hour.  But frankly, my eyes are tired, and my discernment powers seem considerable compromised at this point.  I would hate to lower its quality at this late stage of the process, but a few misplaced strokes or the addition of colors that don’t work.  It’s really hard to focus on the rendering of the details of the horses and riders.  I think I’m going to put it on the easel and gaze at it from time to time, make some notes and hope for a stronger effort tomorrow.

As a first-time senior English teacher, I am encouraged by my students’ efforts today to give Shakespeare a chance.  They seemed to enjoy Act I of Macbeth, working quietly over the text, writing out answers to key questions and participating in dialogue.  So, I think I’ll relax in a comfortable chair here in my man cave tonight, with my Shakespeare volume open on my lap, a journal on my side table, and pore alternately over the bard’s text and my cattle drive painting, taking notes on both and hoping for a stronger work performance tomorrow.  I really want to wrap up this painting, earnestly hoping that by tomorrow or Friday I can call it a fait accompli.

Thanks for reading and for all the encouragement you’ve given lately, my dear friends.

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