Final Decisions on the Cattle Drive Watercolor

Longhorn Cattle Drive at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Longhorn Cattle Drive at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Returning from the Tyler Art Museum today (viewed the Wyeth exhibit), I entered my Man Cave with renewed inspiration to wrap up some unfinished work.  I completed the Lucky Strike cigarette tin watercolor (already posted to the blog), and then turned my attention to this large piece.  I worked further on the central and right cowboy riders, then worked further on the right-hand side of the composition, particularly the longhorns that had been barely “washed” in.  Then I set the painting up on my drafting table, focused some lights on it, and sat back in a chair for a long period of time, staring at the piece and trying to decide whether or not it is finished.  I still don’t know.

Man Cave Drafting Table with Cattle Drive Watercolor

Man Cave Drafting Table with Cattle Drive Watercolor

There are several factors at work contributing to my indecision: 1. the studio lights at night are never as good as the daylight. 2. my watercolor has considerably less contrast than the photos that I took on site at the Stockyards.  3. the hot, triple-digit temperatures on that day in August are still vivid in my memory of this moment.  Therefore, I don’t know whether to leave the watercolor as it is–light, somewhat atmospheric and suggesting dust rising off the streets–or deepen the contrast of shadows and highlights.  I didn’t think it wise to make this decision at night in the studio, feeling the fatigue of today’s 5-hour round trip.  So I chose instead to put the painting to bed and come to Fort Worth to my favorite site for a time of reflection, reading, journaling and enjoying warm coffee.  I’ll make a decision tomorrow on this painting (and hopefully, God, hopefully!) finish it.

Thanks for reading, dear friends.


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2 Responses to “Final Decisions on the Cattle Drive Watercolor”

  1. Sonya Edwards Says:

    David, I just found you via Pinterest. Your watercolors are inspiring. I will definitely be watching you. Thank you for blogging about your creative process…it is encouraging.


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