Fort Worth Stockyards Cattle Drive Watercolor Delivered to the Gallery

Fort Worth Stockyards Cattle Drive

I am pleased to report that I have finished this cattle drive painting, and delivered it to the Weiler House Fine Art Gallery this afternoon (

Today was one of the best Sundays I have known in a long time.  I awoke shortly after 8:00 (without an alarm).  I felt rested and refreshed.  Turning on my computer, I was gratified to find a number of posts on this blog and on Facebook, affirming what I had posted the day before, and giving me plenty of encouragement in my watercolor pursuits.  I was pleased to enter the Man Cave early, and not only finish this painting, but sign off on a number of other pieces: my Lucky Strike still life watercolor, and a pair of antique door knob renderings.  I then set to work on some watercolor renderings of autumn leaves, and really like the beginning of the work.

Aside from watercoloring, I managed to get in some fabulous reading from the Journal of Henry David Thoreau.  He really touched me with the following words, written on June 22, 1840:

He is the true artist whose life is his material; every stroke of the chisel must enter his own flesh and bone and not grate dully on marble.

Tonight found me enjoying the outdoors as I sat outside the University Park Barnes & Noble Store and enjoyed more words from Thoreau, and some excellent comments from the catalogue of the Wyeth exhibit at Tyler Art Gallery (a good artist friend surprised me with the catalogue as a gift yesterday as we toured the collection).  Above all, I felt gratitude for a good, positive day.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “Fort Worth Stockyards Cattle Drive Watercolor Delivered to the Gallery”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Hi David,
    This is beautiful. I gasped when I noticed you got what an old horse lover would want in a painting of this nature right down to the bell boots on the lead cowboy’s horse.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you, Leslie. This painting was a trial, to say the very least. I know next-to-nothing about horses and feel so lost when I try to render them in watercolor. But I do love looking at them, and am trying to get more comfortable with rendering them.


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