Finished the Trinidad, Colorado Watercolor

Savoy Coffee, Trinidad, Colorado

Savoy Coffee, Trinidad, Colorado

It felt good this evening, signing off on this large 22 x 28″ watercolor of downtown Trinidad, Colorado.  This piece was started a couple of months ago, with great enthusiasm, then the excitement melted away as the painting took on a dullness that I found discouraging.  Yesterday, finally, I managed to sharpen the contrast in the composition, deepen the reds, and get more aggressive with the tree shadows.  Today I spent my time mostly cleaning up details of lamp posts, shadows cast off of various objects, laying in the sidewalk, and then finally tonight, working on the brick textures in the street.  I enjoyed the brickwork so much that I feel I could have done that for several more hours, but I worry about overworking a watercolor, as I have done time and time again.  I hope it didn’t happen this time.  I’ll know within the next several days, I suppose.

Thanks for reading, and thanks also for all the times you logged on and viewed this painting as it went through its long gestation period.

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3 Responses to “Finished the Trinidad, Colorado Watercolor”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Despite its problem spots, this was too good to toss. The extra effort in defining the contrasts really brought it to life! Good for you for not giving up on it.


  2. B. Ratzloff Says:

    Glad you didn’t “toss” it!! The extra shadows worked…and it looks great! Art is so much like life sometimes, isn’t it? Takes pondering, “walking away” for a bit..then coming back and finding a solution. BJR


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thanks, both of you. I really thought that this was a failed painting. I don’t get attached to all my work the way I did ten years ago; when a painting misses, I just say “Oh well,” and hope that I at least learned something from the failed enterprise. But it does me a great deal of good when I can “solve” a painting, resuscitate it so to speak, and see something emerge that is satisfying. Thank you again.


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