In the Garage with Andrew Wyeth

Beginnings of another Antique Doorknob

Ernest Hemingway lifted me again this morning.  Looking up at a set of doors at the neglected end of my garage, I noticed how the the morning overcast light was creating interesting patterns on the abused wooden surface.  I got out my tools and removed a knob and locking plate from one other doors and fastened it to this one, and then set to work sketching it out on an 8 x 10″ 300 lb. cold-pressed watercolor surface.  I’m barely in to it, but very interested at this point.  I’m going to do the “Hemingway thing” and lay it aside while I’m “hot” for it, knowing I’ll return to it gladly.  Several chores await my tending, so I walk away, satisfied that I have a fun art task awaiting me.

Thanks for reading.  What a splendid day, and it’s not even noon yet!

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2 Responses to “In the Garage with Andrew Wyeth”

  1. Says:

    We LOVE reading your blog…great way to start the day with coffee and your good words of wisdom. Rose (from Tyler)


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