Watercoloring in the “Cave” as Temperatures Fall

Painting in the Man Cave

As the Arlington, Texas temperatures dip to 53 degrees, I feel more excitement in the air.  I love the coming of winter, and one of the many reasons for my painting old dilapidated doors and doorknobs is that they remind me of the kind of doors I saw as a child when I stayed with grandparents, particularly during the winter holidays.  Just seeing these old doorknobs reminds me of their cold, clammy farmhouses and the odors of kerosene heaters burning throughout the winter.  We would bundle in patchwork quilts, snuggle into sofas and watch TV, passing the cold, dark Southeast Missouri winter days.  I like reliving those memories when I paint subjects such as this.

Pretty soon, I’m going to have to close my garage door, though I must admit I’ve really enjoyed the view of my quiet neighborhood during this Sunday.  People are staying indoors, and very few cars have passed by this way.

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2 Responses to “Watercoloring in the “Cave” as Temperatures Fall”

  1. Merv Faulk Says:

    Well David..can’t feel too sorry for you because the temp is all the way down to 53 degrees in Arlington, TX. Right now, it is 17 degrees here in Papillion, NE, outside of Omaha, and still going down.

    We must be close to the same vintage Your wonderful paintings bring back many fond memories for me also of growing up in the Dakotas during the 40’s and 50’s. Faded painted doors and those old milk glass door knobs. I thought that whenever I saw a cut glass door knob on someones house, they had to be rich!



    • davidtripp Says:

      Good evening, Merv. We are only supposed to see temperatures fall to the 30’s tonight. Being a St. Louis native, I must say that I really miss the “genuine” winter weather, though I certainly was not fond of it when I had it my first 25 years. We never know what we have until we are without it. Texas winters are boring. I miss seeing snow and miss wearing gloves.

      But above all, I do miss those days when I saw homes with the kinds of doors and doorknobs that now populate my garage/man cave. And finally, I am getting around to painting them, studying them, trying to master some still life techniques. I have been away from that discipline for too many decades.

      I have never been to the Dakotas or even Nebraska. I’m glad you came from the era that I’m trying to recreate in watercolor. I don’t meet too many people who admit growing up around this, and even fewer willing to see value in it.


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