A Still Life Experiment in my Classroom

Lingering Memories

Lingering Memories

I have been lingering at my school until 4:00 daily, attempting to sell watercolors, prints and custom greeting cards out of my “Rustic Gallery” classroom at Martin High School.  Day-before-yesterday, I looked at this vintage Barq’s Root Beer sign I bought years ago in San Angelo, and thought I might try a quick watercolor sketch of it and a coffee mug on my desk.  I found a cheap watercolor sketchbook and reluctantly put it to work (I swear by D’Arches paper on a watercolor block).  I’m glad that I can whip out these kinds of sketches away from the studio.  I’m really spoiled by this hand-sized Winsor & Newton field box that I keep with me at all times.  All I needed was that box and this cheap tablet and I was good to go.

The sketch is 8 x 10″, quick and crude, but I found plenty of enjoyment in the afternoon school hours, whittling away at this composition.  I already have an idea for another one tomorrow. I haven’t made any more headway on my “image” theory that combines Hemingway with Pound and Wyeth, but I’m still mulling it over.  I’ll let you know if something credible takes shape.

Thanks for reading.

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