Watercolor Sketch of Kerosene Lantern

Vintage Kerosene Lantern

Vintage Kerosene Lantern

Sandi was sweet enough to purchase for me this aged kerosene lantern last weekend while we were antiquing.  I couldn’t wait to set it up in front of my old Barq’s Rootbeer sign and take a shot at a drybrush watercolor sketch of it.  When I was in ninth grade, my Art I teacher set up a still life of about twenty objects, giving us charcoal and full-size sheets of paper on which to draw it.  Once I got over the terror of drawing out such a large and complex composition, my eye went to the kerosene lantern as a focal point, and everything else had to find its proper place around it.  I have wanted such a vintage lantern ever since, and am happy now to have one in my studio.  This lantern will be making several more appearances in the future.

School ended today for the holidays.  I was happy to get all my grades finalized, load up my art and get out.  There were two hours of daylight left, so I took the flyrod to Chisholm Park in Hurst, Texas, where trout were released yesterday.  There was no wind and it was so soothing to be out there in the open, flycasting, and watching all the rainbow trout taunt me as I worked so hard to seduce them.  They were rising all around my fly, and did not take it a single time!  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience, my breathing changed, my heart rate slowed down, and I knew I was in a different zone.  Better luck next time, perhaps.

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4 Responses to “Watercolor Sketch of Kerosene Lantern”

  1. Gail Young Says:

    “What was big was not the trout, but the chance. What was full was not my creel, but my memory.”–Aldo Leopold


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you, Gail! I haven’t read Aldo Leopold since the 1980’s! How wonderful to have him brought back into my spectrum. I plan to get into him over Christmas, thanks to your post. What a reunion!


  2. BJR Says:

    You are doing very well with your still life’s. I love the finished fly rod. (BTW-my hubby says it’s the fly-fishing, not the catching, that’s so enjoyable!) 😉 I also love this one. The lamp is a treasure!! One has to branch out to keep growing, right??…yet I also enjoy your “regular work”! Just keep painting. BJR


    • davidtripp Says:

      BJR, I appreciate you and your comments, thank you. I totally agree with your hubby about the fly-fishing. I was having an enjoyable time, sans trout. Thank you for your encouragement. I’m enjoying this recent shift and would welcome any kind of a Renaissance. I hate the thought of work going stale.


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