Sunday Afternoon in the Studio, Digging Deeper into the Still Life

Chipping Away at the Still Life

Chipping Away at the Still Life

And as imagination bodies forth

The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen

Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing

A local habitation and a name.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I have been spoiled by this long day of silence, choosing not even to turn on the TV/VCR in the Man Cave.   I finally got to rough up the surfaces of the skillet and the Barq’s Root Beer sign.  I am using the watercolor medium now for drawing just as much for painting–I love simulating textures of old, abandoned, abused objects.  This is what I always liked about the Andrew Wyeth drybrush paintings.  Between the Winsor & Newton pigments, my assortment of graphite pencils and the X-acto knife, I am finding all kinds of texturing varieties, and am having the time of my life.

I need to take a break, stretch my back, prepare a late lunch, and then hopefully return to the Cave later in the afternoon.  I have the notion to read, as I haven’t done any, aside from Thoreau’s Journal first thing this morning.  I laughingly recall the line from the film Amadeus, when Mozart is unable to make up his mind, choosing between three different powdered wigs: “They are all so beautiful!  I wish I had three heads!”  I often wish there were three of me.  I love to watercolor, and even wish I could simultaneously work on two or three paintings.  I also love to read and write in my journal.  Alas, I still know how to do only one thing at a time, but I cannot seem to focus my mind on that one thing at a time.

More later.  Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to “Sunday Afternoon in the Studio, Digging Deeper into the Still Life”

  1. Jane Newton Says:

    Painting’s looking good! So glad for you that you’re having this heavenly day of solitude. Your enthusiasm is contagious… I’ve been painting myself today with an increased vigor. Today it’s a portrait of my sweet Molly (golden retriever) with her new favorite toy!


  2. BJR Says:

    I’ve been off-line (with several days days of packing and traveling) and my!…now I’m enjoying looking at your progress! I, too, enjoy solitude…(the quiet!)…when art comes forth, or poetry. Both of them feed the heart and soul, as good reading does. I always enjoy your writing and art! Keep on!!


    • davidtripp Says:

      Welcome back, BJR! It always gives me a thrill to hear from you! Isn’t the Christmas/New Year solitude the best? Thank you for encouraging me on the still life–I really am enjoying the heck out of it, with all the details. It is certainly not a boring endeavor.


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