Trying to Close Out the Fishing Memories Watercolor

Closeup of Fishing Memories

Closeup of Fishing Memories

Though still sick, I really wanted to get into the Cave for a little while tonight and try to finish this large still-life.  It isn’t going to happen tonight, but I am closer to closure.  I just photographed the lower half of the painting, because that is where I did all of tonight’s work.  I painted the left latch of the suitcase, laid the shadow under the Garcia Mitchell open-face reel, painted the handle of the left fly rod, faceted the left fly rod. and that’s about all I had in me.  I’m still not over the sickness that has plagued me since Saturday.

I hope that I can finish this entire painting tomorrow night.  I should be closer to recovery by then, now finishing three full days of antibiotics.

When they got back to Paris, the December rains were gone and the weather was clear and cold.  After the vast reaches of Switzerland, the apartment seemed small and crowded.  Ernest rented a bedroom nearby on the top floor of the tall old hotel where Paul Verlaine had died exactly twenty-five years before.  Here he could be quiet and alone, taking contemplative turns around his chilly citadel, keeping warm with the bundles of twigs he bought in the streets, and gazing out between sentences on all the roof and chimney pots of Paris.  Sometimes in the afternoons he went to walk the graveled paths of the Luxembourg, stopping in at the Musee for a look at the Cezannes and the Monets, thinking inside himself that they had done with paint and canvas what he had been striving to do with words all morning in his room at the old hotel.

Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story, by Carlos Baker

The Man Cave was cold tonight, but I huddled in my hoodie and worked for about 30 minutes on this painting, thinking that what Hemingway has done with words on paper, I have attempted with watercolor on paper–direct treatment of the thing itself without embellishment.

Thanks for reading.


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6 Responses to “Trying to Close Out the Fishing Memories Watercolor”

  1. artsifrtsy Says:

    I can see why even sick you would want to get back to this. That suitcase is looking really great


  2. Distance Landaverde Says:

    I’ve watched as this has come along and I really love it. You have done a beautiful job…composition lights and darks, the shadows, the colors are just RICHHH. Get well.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you! I’m still suffering with this lingering illness, nevertheless I keep chipping away at the watercolor. It is nearly finished, I am happy to say.


      • Distance Landaverde Says:

        I know of illness I have mine own struggle in that regard. Keep up the good work and there is a certain satisfaction in the productivity of our hands and creativity of our minds that somehow provides a reprieve from the imperfections of our bodies.


      • davidtripp Says:

        What a great word, thank you, Distance. Still recovering from this illness, I have only looked at my recent work. Sadly I have not begun the next new one. Still feel too badly. But thanks so much for your encouragement.


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