Art and the Sweetness of Aging

Watercolor at the Opening of my Burleson Gallery Show

Watercolor at the Opening of my Burleson Gallery Show

The artist should not worry over the loss of his early bloom.  People were not peaches.  Like guns and saddles, they were all the better for becoming slightly worn.

Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story, by Carlos Baker

By the time I was pushing thirty, I was already wondering about diminished capacities in my then profession.  I wondered at that age if there were certain pursuits that did not wane with a person’s age.  I am delighted to know that I am doing my best watercolor work at age 58, and am still capable of learning new things, turning new corners, encountering, with surprise, new vistas.  I know that I am frequently paid as a professional instructor (incidentally, I am teaching plein air watercolor for my fourth consecutive summer, at Eureka Springs School of the Arts, June 17-21), but I still feel that I am a student of this subject.  And I often wonder how it would be to work on an MFA in watercolor at this stage of my life.  Nevertheless, I have a day job as a teacher of academic subjects, and hope that I am taking full advantage of what I can learn from the masters of art history


Saturday night was the opening of my latest show at the Burson Gallery in Hillsboro, Texas.  Five artists opened the night, and I was proud to be displayed along with them.  I had to take my photos from an angle, to keep as much glare as possible off the glass.  I apologize for the distortion.

Thanks for reading.

Watercolor at the Opening of my Burson Gallery show

Watercolor at the Opening of my Burson Gallery show

8 Responses to “Art and the Sweetness of Aging”

  1. Vickie Cunningham Photography Says:

    Very nice! I’m 58 too, and while I often wish I were younger, I’m a much better photographer now than in the past. Still, I often feel like I’m running out of time…something I never worried about when I was thirty. Ah, well. Love your work and your blog.


  2. artsifrtsy Says:

    Congrats on your opening. I think that your fifties are a wonderful time creatively – it’s a time when you are less worried about what others think and have your own voice.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you! You’re right–I believe I am listening to my inner voice more than what others are saying. And I like what’s happening at this age. Most of all, I look forward to getting better at it.


  3. Allie Ward Says:

    You have a great blog. I enjoy following the progress of each painting. Wonderful post tonight. I was disappointed when I saw it at first because the painting was of a historical building similar, in some ways, to the scene I’m painting. Yours is so much better than mine and I have been reflecting lately of all the lost painting years. Your encouraging post motivates me to keep working. Thanks for taking time each day to post your work and insights.


    • davidtripp Says:

      You are so gracious, thank you. I know how frustrating it can be, rendering an old building. I always wonder how in the world we are supposed to paint “mood”. I worry that I am more of an illustrator than one who can invoke feelings through his art. But it’s great to go after it, and try to solve these issues, yes?


  4. djdfr Says:

    I thought I would take up watercolour in old age (somewhere around 70). I began around age 50, a 20 year head start. 🙂


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