Setting up a Mock Booth for the Next Art Festival

Garage mock up of Festival Booth

Garage mock up of Festival Booth

A major benefit of this Spring Break has been the leisure to make decisions on my booth setup for a major art festival coming up at the end of next week (Art on the Greene–  I set up the 10 x 10″ framework of my Trimline Canopy tent so I could know the exact dimensions of my space, and set up the doors and furniture the way I generally do. Then I spent the day making decisions on which framed paintings to include in the display, where to place them, etc.  I have plenty of matting and packaging to do still, and am glad that I have a week to get that done.  The show promises to be a great one, last year was a spectacular premiere.  I’m honored to be included.

Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to “Setting up a Mock Booth for the Next Art Festival”

  1. BJR Says:

    I would have loved to be able to come and see your booth…and art! Hope it was nice and enjoyable! BJR


    • davidtripp Says:

      Well, thank you,BJR. Setting up the “mock booth” has been fun. The “real thing” starts next Thursday, at the actual festival. Right now I just have it in my garage, and my dogs and cat are the only admiring patrons. 🙂 I hope you’re doing well on your end and finding bliss in your endeavors.


  2. BJR Says:

    I’m doing ok. Lupus causes up’s and down’s, but one tries to “roll” with them. (Have to if a serene mind is the goal.) I feel a stirring of energy after coming through a long “down” so it thrills me!!…and creativity is blooming. The trees in the creek are wearing a slight green tinge…so Spring is coming, too. One of these days the red buds will put on their “bright dresses”, too…a beautiful scene beside the spring greens!! Hope your show does well and your day has been a fine one!


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you, BJR. I’m so sorry you’ve been knocked down lately, and really applaud your resiliency. I don’t struggle with a physical illness, but know what it is like to feel a surge after a dormant period. There is nothing like it, feeling the juices flowing again. I wish you the very best, and hope you find joy in your creations.


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